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About the Artist

Ali Nourizadeh became familiar with batik printing when he went to university in Yazd/Iran in his main field of work textile and clothing design. He became fascinated by batik after visiting batik studios in Souk/Iran. Then he decided to follow batik to create his own line of batik works by developing and using proprietary technique never tried before. Batik re-quires the designer to have a deep vision of the final work and this complexity makes batik very attractive to him. When asked why batik he answers, “Simply put, I make love with batik” with shining eyes and cheerful face.

Because of his deep interest in batik Ali has devoted the last 12 years of his professional carrier to PUSH the limits of batik forward and he believes it to be his mission to make batik art come to life by starting several lines of clothing with elements of batik in them to make batik proper for the modern everyday life. He has gotten his inspirations from three very different sources the first period of his work was inspired by Gustave Klimt, the second by lranian calligraphy and the third period has been a reimagination of Paper marbling art in the context of batik.

Ali Nourizadeh is a member of Association of Cloths and Textile Designers of Iran, He hold an M.A degree in Fashion and Textile designing from Marmara University and is about to attain his Doctor of Arts degree in the same field from Marmara University. He has held more than thirty five individual exhibitions in Iran and Turkey. His work was also recognized by the professional Batik Exhibition of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur, KLIB 2011.