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Why you should choose our products.

Masterpiece artworks

Jinor designs are a world that passes through the catalyses of creator's dynamic mind, from simplest shapes to complex ones that invites the eyes of the addressee to close collocation to read this great text.

Eye-catching colors

Using its unique color palette, Jinor invites you to an exciting celebration. The color combinations of Jinor that are the products of creator's love and passion appear and remain in silk texture as an unrepeated incidence.


Jinor is honored to offer original and luxury works to its lovers, since the most important specification of production process is the innovation and lack of imitation.

Participation in national and international Expos

Jinor Tvasnth in over 15 reputable exhibition stand at home and abroad and participate in them as elected, has been selected to receive Avh appreciation.

Design based on Iranian original artworks

Jinor associates you to protect and maintain this pure and unique art. Your interest in Jinor is an honor for us and it represents you support for cultural heritage of your motherland.

Unique design

Jinor will help you to be different and unique. Special printing method, besides whatever we call it "Incidence", changes every work to a star that brings you serenity and permanent shine.

parallax layer
parallax layer

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